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(a) Business Process Reengineering:

"An Organizational makeover".

Operational efficiencies, cost concerns, revenue leaks and growth management are, by and large, the major concerns for most of the organizations. Our Business Process Re-engineering services focus on these areas and strive to achieve a radical improvement by using comprehensive process analysis and redesign techniques.

To execute the BPR we follow a six phase's methodology

(b) Business Performance & Evaluation

Evaluating a business is an important task. Whether the business is in its infancy or has a long and established history, having a system in place to monitor business performance will help ensure that trends are identified and problems are spotted early. Businesses that do not continually evaluate their market positions, products, services, or even feasibility of their business, often do not realize their full potential or fail altogether.

We employ rigorous analytical methods and models and help our clients make evaluation a part of their organizational culture.

SWOT Analysis

Our SWOT Analysis combines dependent and independent variables that could impact your bottom line, relies on rigorous analysis of quantitative and qualitative data, and help executives make strategic decisions for their companies.

Feasibility study

Our feasibility analysis ties into our Business Plan Development services, and help executives make the critical decision of accepting or rejecting the proposed Plan. These analyses take into consideration economic, technical, operational and other factors, and helps determine companies their competitive advantages that would strengthen their organizations or business initiatives.

Profitability Study

We determine business financial performance. We identify cost inefficiencies, analyze cash flow & analyze each & every details that can affect your business revenue growth. We can help you realize your profit margins and optimize your business decisions.


Analysis of standard operating procedures/practices to ensure built in controls in the process / procedures followed at the company.

Recommending controls for the design gaps identified in the process to ensure high productivity / profitability and enhance competitive advantage.

Our primary services include:

  • Enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance
  • Internal audit
  • Internal controls


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